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Low-temperature vacuum extraction of natural ingredients, production of extracts that minimize the loss of nutritional contents.  With continuous R&D our products provide sterile, antioxidant, anticancer effects.  We hope to be a leader in affordable, natural foods.

  • Established OU SEOK BIO Corp. (2010. 12)
  • A member company of Busan Bio Association
  • A member company of Busan Techno Park for the center of cultivability of marine life
  • Certified as a venture business
  • Introduced natural preservatives with the extract of Bamboo Grasses
  • Now developing drugs for obesity and diabetes with the extract of bamboo grasses
  • Now developing the removal method of acrylamide with the extract of Bamboo Grasses and the natural complex extracts
  • Introduced 'Bamboo Grass Tea' (2011.4)
  • Introduced 'io Red Ginseng Extract' (2011.6)
  • Introduced 'io Fucoidan' (2011.6)
  • Participated in Busan International Food Expo (2011.6)
  • Opened stores in NH Hanaro Mart (2011.8)
  • Signed MOU with Chinese Company Ltd.
  • Signed MOU with Blue Bio Center of Doneui University
  • Signed MOU with Educational-Industrial Complex of Donga University
  • Acquired ISO 22000 (2012.2)
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Vegetable / fruit /agro-products
201206/Bio Fucoidan_20120601160551.jpg Bio Fucoidan
Fucoidan is extracted from seaweeds and works as a bioactive substance.
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201206/Bio Red Ginseng Extract_20120601160509.jpg Bio Red Ginseng Extract
We carefully select and process fresh, six year old ginseng (patent: No. 10-0576114).
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