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Tteok kkochi

Tteok kkochi is can be translated to Tteok skewer. Basically it is the dish that skewer Tteokbokki at skewers but has different taste. Tteok kkochi is more chewy, sweet, spicy and crisp.

Ingredients :
40 Tteokbokki Tteok (Rice cake for Tteokbokki)

Sauce(Spoonful) :
4 Gochujiang (Hot pepper paste), 5 tomato ketchup, 4 mulyut (Korean Malt Syrup - substitution honey),
2 sugar, 0.4 soybean sauce, 0.4 cooking oil, 0.6 garlic, black pepper, 2 water

1. Parboil Tteok and rinse in a cold water.

2. While Tteok is cool down, make the sauce. Put the all sauce ingredients together with right amount.

3. Skewer 4 Tteock each at a skewer.

4. Put enough cooking oil and bake them until they brown.

5. Boil the sauce and cover the baked Tteok with sauce.

Source - 강록승훈맘 http://ssk0223.blog.me/

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